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As curators of his birthsite, our mission is to educate the public by preserving and interpreting the life, family, and achievements of Wilbur Wright.  You may be wondering where did Wilbur Wright grow up? Or how did the Wright brothers become interested in flight?


You can discover the answers to these questions and more with a visit to the Wilbur Wright Birthplace in East Central Indiana.


Be inspired by the humble men who changed the world by making their dream come true!




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What will you experience?


Follow our experienced tour guides to discover life on the Wright farm in the 1860's, through the Museum time-line with interpretive sketches of the Wright Brothers before and during Kitty Hawk and enjoy excerpts from some Wright videos concentrating on Kitty Hawk.


Learn how the Brothers lived at Kitty Hawk as you tour the Kitty Hawk camp, take a look at the full size replica of the First Flyer and stroll along a 1903 street full of store fronts.


Learn what the Wright Brothers were really like, why they succeeded, their pleasures and problems at the only aviation attraction which concentrates on the Wright family.

Why visit the Wilbur Wright Birthplace & Museum?

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Season Opening- April 1st

25th Annual Festival-June 9th & 10th

Christmas Tree Festival-

         Nov 3rd & 4th and 10th & 11th



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We are excited to partner with the Henry County Community Foundation for their Match Day program. More details will be announced as they become  available.